Absentee ballot

For the first time you will be able to cast your ballot at this year’s ÖH-elections even if you are absent on all three days, on which the elections are being held. Between 29th of March and 9th of May you can order your absentee ballot online. Bear in mind that your ballot must return to the voting administration (Wahlkommission) until 6 pm on the 17th of May to be valid. All absentee ballots returned after this deadline are invalid.

How can I apply for my absentee ballot

If you decide to order an absentee ballot your identity must be reviewed by the voting administration (Wahlkommission) and you will be asked to upload a copy of your ID our sign your application with your cellphone signature or Citizen Card for the purpose of identification. Your ID will be checked manually so your application may take a while. In addition to uploading your ID you will receive a confirmation link in your mail account, whick is registred at your university. So make sure to check your mailbox regulary. If you don’t have an austrian social security number you can register with your „Ersatzkennzeichen“ which can be found on your „Studienblatt“.

Attention: The first tranche of absentee ballots won’t be sent to the recipients before the 20th of April due to the filing deadlines. So don’t panic if you applied for an absentee ballot at the beginning of April and you didn’t receive it in the following two weeks.

Is it possible to vote in person although I applied for an absentee ballot?

If your absentee ballot is on ist way to you, your claim to vote in person expires on institutional (Hochschulvertretung) and federal level (Bundesvertretung). If you apllied for an absentee ballot and want to vote in person it is crucial that you go to your designated polling station an bring your blank and unused absentee ballot and all additional information which was sent to you. Only then you will be allowed to vote in person.